currently: march


Reading: Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis. Just got it yesterday and am feeling good about it already.

Writing: Blogs and blogs and blogs. I want to get caught up and maybe ahead.

Dreaming Of: Summer heat. Sunshine. Slushies. Reading on the front porch.

Listening to: A random playlist. right now, it’s an Imagine Dragons song.

Drinking: Water. All about the hydration.

Worrying About: just about everything. Anxiety is getting me good today.

Excited About: ordering new Young Living essential oils tonight. I would say I’m a fan.  (If you are interested in trying, please let me know! You can use my code!)

Working on: finishing up race permit applications. They’ll be done tonight.

Constantly wearing: My Happy oil blend. Love it.

Eating: Rice Krispies treats. So good.

Feeling: Overwhelmed. So many errands and things going on. I need to do a big brain purge and get it all down on paper later.

6 best things about being an aunt.

IMG_9840bwI’ve been an auntie for a long time. Since I was 5 years old. My siblings and I, the five of us, are spread out, so it isn’t too surprising that my first nieces and nephews were closer in age to me than my oldest brother.

I love being an aunt. It is one of the greatest jobs I’ll ever have. Ever.  I was thinking last weekend as we were hanging out with Greg’s nephews and niece about just what I love most about being an aunt. There are so many things. I could really go on and on about how rewarding it is, but I picked a few of my favorite things.


  • They listen sometimes better to me than to their parents. Key word: sometimes.  I occasionally have to put on my “mom voice” and get stern, but for the most part, it’s easy.
  • I can buy the little kids all the candy I want (and I am not the bad guy when their parents say “no more before dinner”).
  • Babysitting is more like a play date.  I get to plan something fun and something to keep them interested. I’ve found that the pet store can be both a blessing and curse for this. It’s cheap, and they love seeing the puppies. They also cry when we can’t take one home with us. Sad tears. Big, fat sad please-let-me tears. And don’t think the thought of actually bringing one home hasn’t crossed my mind. Those little lady tears are powerful.
  • I can buy them loud annoying toys for their birthdays. I will most likely regret this when my own kids have birthdays one day, but for now, it’s fun.  I tend to buy a lot of shoes for the little kids too. The older ones get money.
  • They admire me. I love knowing that they look up to me as an example. And it is something that I take very seriously.
  • I get to be their friend.  My oldest niece is 23, and she knows she can call me just to chat or hang out or whatever. When I was in high school, I would go pick her up all the time, and she was my favorite shopping buddy.  I love having a strong relationship with each of them.

I imagine more nephews and nieces in the future, mostly great nephews and great nieces, but it will be in the distant future. Maybe one of my own first.

things i miss.

IMG_5934aI am sure most of us have a list of things that, if we could, we would change or do differently the second time around, or appreciate a little bit more. They say hindsight is 20/20, right? I have been trying to be better at soaking in the good moments and taking every single chance to make every minute a good one.

I don’t let my injury/paralysis stop me from doing what I want most of the time. I’ve been swimming. I rode a rollercoaster (probably never do that again, but hey I can say I tried). I ride in the Arctic Cat. We’re talking maybe about skiing next year (I’m not so sure snow will ever, ever, ever be my thing). But the thing I miss most about moving my legs is running. So simple, I know, but man, it was my way of relaxing. I miss that jelly-filled muscle ache of finishing a good long run. Of all things, I miss that most.

Things I miss:

+ running (duh)
+ the simple freedom of high school. It was so easy.
+ a valid reason to buy office supplies (now I just justify it as art?)
+ summers that didn’t seem to want us to overheat
+ not having bills (this adult thing is lame sometimes)
+ Rusty – best dog ever
+ my invincible attitude. I feel so high-strung sometimes now.
+ college. It’s where I really grew up.
+ riding bikes.
+ that silly feeling that comes in your chest when swinging too high at a playground.