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Hi all,

Just a small note to give a heads up that soon, I will be changing things around this space. I am moving more toward a photography-based site, but will still have this personal space to blog about DIY projects and family and lifestyle posts. I still want to have this to come to and be myself, but it will be fronted by my photography.

I am still going to be blogging here normally until I begin to switch the look over. And I am hoping with everything in me that the switch is seamless and easy. Cross your fingers for me.

Be sure to check back if any of your RSS feed domains get screwy too.

meet payden.

She is the first daughter of my oldest brother, and sometimes, I swear she reminds me exactly of myself when I was 17. There is a sweet confidence about her, and she is still a complete smartass. Believe me, in half the shots below, she was making me laugh.

We had so much fun shooting her senior pictures. I am a little biased, I guess, since she is my niece and all. It was probably in my top three favorite shoots ever. Not just because they are of Payden (that girl has got the looks, that’s for sure), but because I found new spots to shoot and tried new poses. And the horse! I’ve never used such a big animal before, but she definitely wanted pictures with her Braveheart.IMG_7652a

IMG_7677aThis shoot gave me a different kind of confidence that I have not felt before. I am much more comfortable with the idea of being someone who can shoot people and capture their personalities. IMG_7731a

IMG_7771aI didn’t have to give her a lot of direction because she had an idea of what we both wanted. She wanted pictures that were pretty and model-y, and I wanted pictures that showed how laid back and relaxed she is. I wanted her pictures to be the most gorgeous ones I’ve ever done, and bingo, I think we nailed it. payden1collage





IMG_8004aWe shot these on two different evenings, and she wants another spot, which I’ll share later when they are all finished.

DIY stamped coasters.

Remember that list of 10 Projects that I wanted to complete before Christmas? Here is #1. Checked off!

It is simple and super cheap since I already had stamps and Staz-On ink. I only had to buy coasters so this entire little project cost maybe $3. That I can live with.IMG_7843I love monograms. Everywhere. On everything. I was going to paint them with blocked out shapes, and then I was going to stamp them with S monograms.  But I packed my alphabet stamps. Fail. So the arrows it was. And I am glad because I love them. People do not appreciate the power of simplicity sometimes.
IMG_7841I just stamped the arrow straight onto the cork and let it settle for about 5 seconds. The key was getting enough ink onto the stamp so that it soaked into the cork enough to leave a strong image when the stamp was lifted.  If my ink pad had been brand new, I wouldn’t have had to put as much effort into that part.

Now they are ready for new end tables….


In the true fashion for a holiday weekend, I am hosting a small almost-end-of-summer giveaway here on the blog. I will be sending one stamp each to TWO lucky winners. Winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday evening (September 4) and announced soon after. I will have your stamps out the door by Friday!


  • Leave a comment on this post with your favorite memory of this summer. (Please include your email!)
  • Tweet about this giveaway. Tag me @carrielsunday and use #summerstampgiveaway.
  • Follow me on Instagram @carrielsunday and repost the giveaway picture with hashtag #summerstampgiveaway.
  • If there is a preference as to whether you’d like the summertime vs sunshine stamp, please leave that info also. I’ll do what I can!

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g&c: august

IMG_7499+ G is working his butt off still on the house. It’s getting there.
The bathroom looks great. And the rest is almost ready for paint.
+ C is planning her office setup. 2 Expedits and long ledge shelves. Oh, yes.
+ G put deer corn out. And saw two big bucks at it already.
+ C is kicking herself for getting rid of her super long lens now.
Deer photos would be great. Oh well.
+ G is encouraging C every day to do the business thing.
It might be sinking in.
+ C has been helping Ashley with Tink’s soccer team. Fun.
+ G has been picking up some gems at Redbox. Recently Killing Season.
+ C falls asleep usually within the first 30 minutes of every. single. movie.