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I shouldn’t post this. I certainly shouldn’t listen to it. But oh well, I am going to anyway.

For the entire time I was in middle school and high school, I would wake up early to go to school, and my dad would already be up, getting ready for work. He would have his old gray worn out radio set to the old country station. And we would listen while we got ready. Songs like this would come on and I never paid too much attention.  But now I distinctly remember a few that had always been my favorites.

It’s funny how music can take you back to a time and make everything seem that real again.

Miss you, Dad.

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I have been trying to keep better track of things around here, and still my camera is sitting on my printer. Lonely ole camera. I certainly didn’t get much over the past few weeks. With Dad and hopefully moving sometime soon, it has been overwhelmingly crazy.

With the sun out more often, and the need to clear my head, I have a feeling it will be in my hand quite a bit from here on out.





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