meet payden.

She is the first daughter of my oldest brother, and sometimes, I swear she reminds me exactly of myself when I was 17. There is a sweet confidence about her, and she is still a complete smartass. Believe me, in half the shots below, she was making me laugh.

We had so much fun shooting her senior pictures. I am a little biased, I guess, since she is my niece and all. It was probably in my top three favorite shoots ever. Not just because they are of Payden (that girl has got the looks, that’s for sure), but because I found new spots to shoot and tried new poses. And the horse! I’ve never used such a big animal before, but she definitely wanted pictures with her Braveheart.IMG_7652a

IMG_7677aThis shoot gave me a different kind of confidence that I have not felt before. I am much more comfortable with the idea of being someone who can shoot people and capture their personalities. IMG_7731a

IMG_7771aI didn’t have to give her a lot of direction because she had an idea of what we both wanted. She wanted pictures that were pretty and model-y, and I wanted pictures that showed how laid back and relaxed she is. I wanted her pictures to be the most gorgeous ones I’ve ever done, and bingo, I think we nailed it. payden1collage





IMG_8004aWe shot these on two different evenings, and she wants another spot, which I’ll share later when they are all finished.



Oh the 4th, she wanted to do a photo shoot. Her idea, not mine. Somehow I think she was coaxing her way away from the fireworks because she has no interest in blowing things up and loud bangs. Her mom and sisters were doing enough of that anyway.

And somehow they turned out to be some of my favorite pictures of her, ever. I love those accidental facial expressions and full-of-love eye shots that she can give you through lens. Her little innocence is just sitting there, waiting to be lapped up with light. I love that too.
I hope that she never loses that part of her, that innocent love for life. That as she grows older, she doesn’t have to endure the weird or cruel things other kids can say. I know that someday she will have to stand up for herself, be stronger than everyone else, and brush off negativity, but still, I wish I could protect her little heart from that kind of worry.
Disability brings scars, in both physical ways and emotional ways. In the 10 years that I have been paralyzed, I have felt myself become stronger, more resilient in many ways, but still, there are parts of me that are gaping wide open with things that I wish I could change, things that still cut me deep. I think it will be the same for Serenity. Her hands may bring attention, and she will either ignore it or she is going to fight it with all the attitude she can muster.

She is still one of the most beautiful people I know, no matter what.


you, in all your
weighted yellow glory,
are beautiful,
covering my day with
the honey-colored light
that makes me wish
you would never
have to leave.

Fill me up with it
to last me
through winter.


Mike has been playing on a wheelchair softball team, and every Thursday, they practice near our house. We have gone to watch a few times, and I have to say that dang, it looks fun. Tiring but fun.


They are all good guys on the team. They have good attitudes and are always joking around. The kind of people I want to be around.

It’s so funny to me to see how much attention they get from people who are jogging or driving by. Wheelchair sports are fascinating to those that can walk apparently. Maybe challenging in their minds.  I like that. They see them doing the same things they can do, only sitting.KuLvoER-NBejJYsqIoE65HQnptqCj-0UJ5PPsyDl0eE[1]

Whatever it takes, I guess, to get that right kind of attention.



OygZN_k6W_O0XZOfO7ERTDq3s5RVlB8BjP_FDJg6YKY,hj5fU_nJ0ukpw1qxY7kcOed8OdkHguTEP4uOSKL5rHg[1]A few weekends ago, I had the priveledge of going with this great group of people called Silverback Kansas to help pass out lunches for the homeless here in town.  And, let me tell you, it was one of the most rewarding afternoons I have ever spent with strangers (well, strangers outside of Twitter).

Jude had contacted me on Twitter months ago, asking if I would be interested in getting involved with their volunteer activities, and at the time, I just couldn’t make it work. I was planning the wedding, figuring out where we would live, then dealing with Dad’s cancer. It just wasn’t a good time for me, or my obivously unstable emotions.

When he contacted me again, I decided that if now isn’t a good time, there never will be a good time.  I signed up for that next Sunday.

And two days later, off we went. He and Ami had already thought of everything. How I would be transported in my chair so I was a part of the group, not a tagalong. What I could be helping with, along with taking pictures. And Jude and I decided that if we went to the homeless camps near the river, he would be the one pulling me out of the mud.

The people that we handed food and water to were, in a word, interesting. All shapes, colors, types of families. Homelessness does not discriminate. And these people are appreciative. Many of them are proud.  It is so evident in their eyes that they need this and are thankful.

I look forward to doing this again, for them and for me.


Find out more about Silverback Kansas and what projects they curerently have going on at the website here.

our wedding: part 3

When we started planning last year, Greg and I agreed that we wanted a fast ceremony. Quick and easy, but still one that meant something to each of us. We planned it out to be 10 minutes or so long. Perfect.

So when people were still showing up at 10 past 5. we knew we had to start. My brother pushed my dad down the aisle in his wheelchair, and my mom pushed me in mine. If there was something that my dad wanted besides being there, it was to give me away. And that’s all I wanted too. My dad was there to do whats dads are supposed to do. (Thank you, Dad.)

untitled (183 of 258)

We went through the common vows, the ones that you “repeat.” And immediately, I choked up. I lost all concentration and asked “What? Say that again?” at one point, which turned my happy tears in giggles.

untitled (184 of 258) untitled (185 of 258)

  untitled (180 of 258)

The train rolled through, blowing its horn, for the entire 30 seconds (or whatever it was) that we exchanged our personal vows for each other. People said later that they couldn’t hear, and suddenly it occured to me, that it was perfect that way. They were our vows, nobody else’s. A lot of them asked me if I had timed the train or timed our vows to be intentionally overpowered, but really, I didn’t. I wish I had been so clever to think of that!

untitled (191 of 258)

Something about the way the weather, the train, all of it, went just how it wasn’t supposed to, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

After the ceremony, we moved into the barn. The greeting line felt like it was neverending. Literally, I thought people were multiplying before my eyes. There was so many people. We had to set up extra tables and chairs even.

untitled (208 of 258)

We ate, we cut cake, we did toasts, and we danced.  Perfect day/night. One I will never, ever forget.

untitled (219 of 258) untitled (220 of 258) untitled (221 of 258) untitled (227 of 258)

All photos by Chris Gharst. An amazingly talented local photographer and friend.

our wedding: part 2

I loved our wedding party. Small, two a piece. Our best friend and then, sibling. Easy peasy. These 4 people know us almost as well as anyone else, and it was only right that we chose them to stand up (or sit down, actually) with us.

untitled (83 of 258)
untitled (129 of 258)

untitled (125 of 258)


untitled (77 of 258)

Everything about our outfits looked just like I wanted. The girls’ dresses didn’t look silly with the Chucks, and the guys’ yellow ties were the same shiny yellow as the tulips in our bouquets. We all coordinated, and there wasn’t too much yellow or too much gray. It looked pretty elegant given that there was lace accenting everything.

untitled (137 of 258)

untitled (135 of 258)

untitled (114 of 258)
I loved it all.

People often want it to be sunny on their big day, but I knew that sun meant shadows for pictures. I didn’t want that so the overcast through the entire afternoon couldn’t have been any more perfectly timed. The weather gods were looking out for us that day.

untitled (132 of 258)

untitled (96 of 258)

untitled (137 of 258)

untitled (105 of 258)

untitled (144 of 258)
I don’t know how long we spent taking pictures before the ceremony, but it felt like it took forever and no time at all, all at the same time.

All photos by Chris Gharst. An amazingly talented local photographer and friend.

our wedding : part 1

Our entire wedding could not have gone any better in my mind. It was magical and nerve-wracking and completely blissfully full of love.  Greg and I had all of our friends and family there to watch us take these vows to each other. It was perfect.untitled (34 of 258)

untitled (50 of 258)
We picked the Victorian Veranda Country Inn almost right away. It was only the second place that we looked at, and from the moment we drove into the driveway, we knew that this was the place.  It just had that feel to it.  And it was yellow. No-brainer.

untitled (34 of 258)

The morning of the wedding, I was running late (of course) and as soon as we got to the Victorian Veranda Country Inn, it was a race to get ready. Darcy and Maria put their dresses on, and then after a glass of wine, we started on mine. It’s not easy to get a big wedding dress on when you are sitting, believe me. Melissa, Chris’ second shooter, helped out with getting the train out of the way. That girl was a life saver!

untitled (31 of 258)

untitled (13 of 258)

The boys all got there before we did and hung around until it was time to get dressed. I love that Chris snapped pictures of Grant, Greg’s brother, in my chair. It’s just funny.  There are also pictures of them racing. My boys being themselves, for sure.untitled (46 of 258)

untitled (68 of 258)

untitled (60 of 258)
But being late all worked out and after Aunt Bev sewed me up (she carries thread and needle in her purse, haha), we headed out to get pictures together.

I was so nervous. Not because I was getting married, but because there would be 200 people there watching me get married. That glass of wine (half a glass actually) calmed me down, and then as soon as I saw Greg, it was gone. I wanted to scream to the heavens that HOLY CRAP, WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!
untitled (75 of 258)

All photos by Chris Gharst. An amazingly talented local photographer and friend.

weekend recap.

The weekend was a slow one, a pretty quiet one. I like it that way, where I can go out in a t-shirt and without makeup. My favorite.

On Sunday, Greg and I took a little ride out to our soon-to-be home and the lake nearby. We are so close (less than 2 miles) to the lake, and I imagine that we will be spending quite a bit of our summers there in the future. I suppose we will have to get our fishing licenses (again). Then we came home and I spent over an hour pinning ideas for my office and bedrooms. I am slightly obsessed with putting together our new home. It’s going to be so much fun.

Anyway, while we were out, I got a few photos of the lake. I am looking forward to so many new photo opportunities. They are just screaming at me.




rose garden.

I took a little trip to the Rose Garden at Gage Park yesterday. Greg went to ride his bike, and I had some down time. The sun was out, and even though it wasn’t the best shooting conditions, my camera was along for the ride. It’s so calming how taking photos, harsh shadows or not, can clear my head and make me focus on things that take away all the stress. Taking photos distracts me.

I love the Rose Garden. It’s pretty and quiet, and I can roam, looking for pretties. Yesterday, I was chased by a bumblebee. I was warm in the sunshine, and I saw more battered roses than pristine ones. It must be due to the hail and rain we have had lately. Still, even in their weathered stage, they are pretty, petals or not.

Looking forward to small photo excursions like this.