currently: february

pexels-photo-373076.jpegReading The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks.

Eating peanut butter bar candy. I’m not even a huge fan of pb, but these things are addictive.

Wishing it was four months from now, and things were back to normal.

Buying Rae Dunn. I am almost done with all of my “wish list” items/mugs for the kitchen.

Listening To podcasts. Of course.

Feeling worn out. Stressed. Irritable.

Dreaming of sunshine and warmth and summer.

Drinking water and pink lemonade.

Working on #projectlife. I am enjoying it as a distraction.

Writing a lot of poetry lately. It’s all the emotion.

currently: september

reaganfallReading nothing at the moment!

Feeling tired. And unmotivated about almost everything.

Dreaming of changing leave and apple cider.

Writing all the feelings about Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month. April and September are my most vulnerable months,

Listening to Taylor Swift’s new album. Every song is good.

Drinking lots of water. And Pepsi rather than Dr Pepper. IDK what is wrong with me.

Worrying about everything. It is all stressing me out at the moment. It would take 2 seconds to look at how my face is broken out to tell.

Happy about my hair loving the Curly Girl Method. Happy healthy hair.

Excited about mini sessions happening this month and next.

Dreaming of a day off by myself. Again.

Working on blogs.

Constantly wearing hoodies. Always. Forever. My favorite clothing item.

Eating chips and queso. A good way to put on weight!

house update.

IMG_6156Well, we are getting closer. It seems like it has taken more time than we anticipated, but in reality, it hasn’t. We made it through the general inspection with no major problems, mostly minor cosmetic things that we already knew would be listed. Light fixtures and things like that. The septic inspection went okay too.

So now we are waiting. And hoping. And dreaming. And planning.

And soon, we will be picking out definite paint colors and flooring.