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October is here. 2014 is almost here. I am not ready for another year when I feel like this one went by too fast. I know people always use the “blur” statment, but truly, the past few months have been a blur. I don’t know how to process all that has happened in such a short amount of time. I need to make October a good one, a no-stress month.

This month, I will:
+ paint my filing cabinet.
+ stain wooden crates.
+ get more sleep.

Small goals, but doable. That’s what I need. I am not overwhelming myself this month with anything. It just feels like a good time to relax finally.


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Hi all,

Just a small note to give a heads up that soon, I will be changing things around this space. I am moving more toward a photography-based site, but will still have this personal space to blog about DIY projects and family and lifestyle posts. I still want to have this to come to and be myself, but it will be fronted by my photography.

I am still going to be blogging here normally until I begin to switch the look over. And I am hoping with everything in me that the switch is seamless and easy. Cross your fingers for me.

Be sure to check back if any of your RSS feed domains get screwy too.

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The house is starting to look awesome, even though it isn’t completely done yet.  We have color on the some of walls. We have flooring planned for the basement (think red walls and dark floors). We have appliances mostly planned. We have a pretty-much-completed master bath!  It’s coming together so nicely, and I can hardly wait to move, to make this our home, to have a new address.

The address part is exciting for me. I have only ever had one address my entire life, if you don’t count the four months I had to use Craig Hospital’s address as my own in the summer of 2003. So moving to a new house, a new town is a big deal. I am nervous but so, so excited for this huge change. Sometimes to get where we want to be, we have to do things we have never done before. So true.

I designed these announcements soon after we signed for the house, though I had it drawn in my head since about the time we started looking for places. I always connect events with what paper or stationery products are going to correspond with it. I’m weird like that. It was a chance to put the address out to everyone at once too, making our life easier by not repeating it a thousand times.IMG_7560Since I have used Overnight Prints to print quite often lately, I decided to use them again for these. These are one-sided postcards, so they were a bit cheaper than the invitations and business pieces I had previously designed. And I used a Sharpie pen to address the plain white back. Super easy. Simple, just like I like it. I won’t be sending them for a few weeks, so that we are closer to moving day or already moved in. Whenever. We aren’t on a strict schedule or have a goal date. Just whenever everything is ready for us.

Fonts used: Bistro Script for the home, Ostrich for the statement, Georgia for the address (sorry, it’s blurred)


I sent these off a few weeks ago, after I got the new blog set up, and now I am finally able to show them.

New business cards!

There is something about gray that I just love. I cannot help it. On the other hand, I don’t want to overdo it and start to get sick of it either (like I did with yellow for the wedding) so I may start going another direction when this batch is gone. We’ll see.

I have been getting a lot of stuff going on. Stamps, photo shoots, logo designs, save the dates. Exciting stuff. I’m so glad that I will have these cute little cards to hand out.


Finally! it’s is officially summer, and I have new stamps!
These are the winners. 6 new designs. They can all be found in my Etsy shop now. I won’t be shipping for probably 4-5 days, just so that I can get a handle on the inventory I have and what the demand is for each and all that, but they will for sure be out the door in no more than 5 days.

I have a new Etsy to go along with this new blog, but my Paypal will still be for now. Until I can get through the official name-changing process.

{arrow}: I needed one of these. Needed. And there it is.


HUSBAND/WIFE: I originally designed these for my own Project Life album for Greg and I, but it’s wedding season so what the heck. A little different than the his/hers and graphic boy/girl stamps I’ve seen lately (which I adore also). You can buy them seperately or as a pair.




{love} summertime: Yes, of course, I do!


{love} sunshine: I am sort of addicted to sunshine (only after slathering on the sunscreen, of course). I have a feeling that I will be using this a lot when I am full force with my camera.


iloveyou: This can work on just about anything. It’s all one word because it’s all one thought.


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