I originally saw this post on Elise Blaha Cripe’s blog, and when I found the same letter blocks at Joann’s, I knew they needed to be in our new home.

I bought four letters to place around the house. An ‘S’ to go in the kitchen. A ‘C’ for my office, and a pair ‘G’ and ‘C’ for our basement. I’ve mentioned before that I have a thing for monograms, and it turns out that I also have a thing for letterpress, so these were a great fit for our house. Greg embraces my need for letters and text everywhere, which i love about him. I mean, even our wedding shoes had text on the backs.

Anyway, these blocks weren’t made to be perfect, and since this was my very first time using wood stain, I anticipated more streaks and drips. But I was surprised to learn that it soaked in really well to whatever this cheap wood was. It definitely made it easier on me and my slight fault at wanting pretty-close-to-perfect DIY projects.IMG_8100I stained them all in Minwax Wood Finish in Special Walnut, and they turned out amazingly beautiful after two coats. I wasn’t really sure how dark I wanted them to be, but the two coat seemed to do the trick for what I was going for.

After they were done, this project cost about $13 when you take into account the coupons I used at Joann’s and the half a can of stain I have left for another project soon.IMG_8102Another to check off the 10 Projects list!