IMG_8117+ loving the likes on my new Facebook page.
+ reading On the Road. Trying to, anyway.
+ hating spiders. And bills. Mostly bills.
+ needing more time in the day.
+ planning to scream like crazy at the Chiefs game tomorrow.
+ listening to other photographer’s experiences about opening a business. You can learn so much from someone’s advice who has been there.
+ wearing Dad’s t-shirts. I love them.
+ focusing on building this photography client base.
+ daydreaming about fabulous sunlight.
+ missing Greg. He’s out of town for work.
+ wishing it wouldn’t be so hot today for the soccer game. But we are in Kansas.
+ enjoying the way our wedding book turned out. So beautiful.
+ feeling excited to see Kristi.
+ eating a lot of pizza lately.
+ smelling peach candles. I finally bought matches because I am not good with lighters.
+ looking for red twine for Christmas projects. Is Divine Twine the best way to go?

2 Responses to “currently: september”

  1. Stacey

    So happy to come across your lovely website. I’ve gotten lots of different colors of twine from The Twinery, the red is very pretty.


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