I first saw this on Pinterest. No surprise there, since half of the cute ideas I attempt come from there. How did we ever get all these home decor inspirations before Pinterest came along? I guess our houses were slightly bland and almost definitely not full of DIY projects.IMG_7834I have always liked alphabet magnets. They can be used to spell out little messages and teach kiddos their letters. They’re just cute. But too colorful for our taste. The gold, now that is a good match for our kitchen. Normally we are not gold people (especially jewelry-wise) but this works, especially since our refrigerator will most likely be black. We haven’t gotten that far yet.IMG_7850Anyway, I used gold Krylon Colormaster spray paint and simple colored alphabet magnets that I picked up for $1 per pack. This entire project cost about $6, and most of the time spent on it was waiting for the paint to dry. It feels like forever, but I am guessing about 10 minutes between the two coats. I didn’t prime them. I just went for it, and a few peeled if they got too much paint and stuck to the cardboard. But I just spray painted them again, and it didn’t seem to matter much.IMG_7853Small projects like this excite me. Easy, cheap, and so much character. They aren’t perfect or uniform. Some have paint runs down the sides, and some are more gold than others (some look copper-y). But they have some zing. My favorites. I imagine that there are going to be several small projects going on to make our house a home.

3 Responses to “DIY gold alpha magnets.”

  1. elizabeth

    I love this project! I’m starting to feel super overhwlemed by all of the projects I want to do now that I’ve been in our new place longer, and I think maybe I need to pick a few really super quick ones like this to help me feel like it’s ours, but not that I’m doing huge things.

    • carrielsunday

      Really, the small projects are my favorite by far. You’re right, they’ll make it feel like YOURS. I am working on a super easy canvas tonight with our anniversary date on it to go in our bedroom or living room. I haven’t picked yet, but at least it will be done!


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