I am a Project Lifer. I am not as good at keeping caught up this year as I would have liked, but hey, life is busy. Next year might be better. IMG_7422One thing that has helped me keep a better hold so that my PL doesn’t get too far out of hand is Studio Calico‘s monthly PL kit. I held off for quite a while without subscribing, but after looking month after month at gorgeous kits being sent out into the world, I dove in and put my name on the waiting list. And wait another two months before my first kit was sent to me.

And the wait was worth it. They have great cards, designed by some of my favorite people. The stamp sets are always spot on for me. And the embellishment are mostly adorable. How could I pass up such greatness in a box?IMG_7425Others have kits too. I know Kelly Purkey has a monthly kit. Elle’s Studio. And I’m sure if you google, there are more.

Do you use a kit? Which one? And what do you like most about it?

2 Responses to “project life kits.”

  1. elizabeth

    I don’t use a kit, mostly because I now have two core kits and feel like I really can’t justify the expense. And I wonder if I’d always have stuff leftover each month that would just add to the general (already too large) stash, basically. Do you find that you use everything in the kit each month? is it accumulating? I figure now that we have a mortgage expenses like a monthly kit will probably be off the table for a while, which is a bummer.

    mostly i just wish more of the kits would have pieces available separately. i don’t use a lot of embellishments but i’d love to buy, say, just the cards.

    • carrielsunday

      It’s funny that you say that about stashes accumulating because mine is beginning to pile up. The cards I don’t use from the kits I use to make lists on, but the confetti from 2 months ago is still waiting to be thrown away or given to my nieces. I don’t use everything right away or for PL (some go into mini books), and some of it will eventually go into a give away pile. And yes, I agree that I wish I could buy things separately. I’d be all over the stamps!


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