I’ve known Gretchen and Polly for just about as long as I can remember. Gretchen’s family has lived across the street from us for years and years, and I am pretty sure there are pictures somewhere of Gretchen holding me as a baby. We grew up together. And Polly is Gretchen’s best friend. They’ve been best friends for years and years too.IMG_6891_2A few years ago, 7 years maybe, Gretchen moved to Arizona. She isn’t really a winter person (understatement) and wanted out of Kansas for a while. Fast forward to today, and she had a husband and family and home there now. She comes back pretty often lately, and this last time, Polly, who still lives here with her own husband and little girl, called and asked me if I would take their photos together.
IMG_6911I’ve had a best friend who lives in another state. I know how it is to miss hanging out all the time with someone who gets you, but knowing that friendship doesn’t change either. So I knew what she wanted right away. She wanted shots of them laughing, talking, mostly candid. Being best friends.

And I got some gems. They are two of the most animated, fun people I’ve ever taken photos of, and they didn’t have to be posed or told to do this or that. The candid shots we got were probably my favorite. And when Polly’s little girl, Geneveive, came over, you can just tell how Gretchen lights up at her best friend’s little girl. So sweet.IMG_6931