This dog is crazy. Not crazy in a bad way, just a hyper-and-can’t-sit-still way.
IMG_6283She is Greg’s dog, a shorty bulldog, and I inherited her. So now she is mine too. She’s a good little dog, and she keeps us entertained. It has been so long since we had a dog of our own running around the house (almost 5 years that we had to put Rusty down), and it has been an adjustment. But I am used to her now, and hearing her little nails click across (or slide when she’s going too fast) is normal again.

She got sick a few weeks ago, and it scared me. She was not acting normal, and throwing up. Poor girl. It was pitiful. Thankfully, whatever it was subsided, and she is back to her normal run-like-the-wind self.

When we move, we plan on getting another dog. A big dog because apparently, if you’re in the country, you need a big, intimidating dog. Fine with me. I already know what breed we are getting, but I am keeping it under wraps for now. It’ll be a surprise when it comes along.

Whatever dog we get, we only have to make sure that Dixie girl approves.

One Response to “meet dixie.”

  1. elizabeth

    she sounds like so much fun. and i can’t wait to meet your new dog, too! seeing my sister and her husband with their puppy has been really amazing. i know my parents, at least, are next on the “getting a puppy” list. (which is interesting, because we never had any pets other than fish growing up). dan and i don’t have any plans for a dog ourselves, but we are definitely getting a cat once we move. it’s just a matter of how long can dan make me wait. 🙂


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