Like every other month of my life, the goals are rolling over. I did manage to get my three photo shoots in, but that was pretty much it. I have so much to do. Everything else is pretty much on hold until we are in the new house. The huge canvas from August is a definite plan in my head, but I really would rather wait to do it to not risk messing it up in the move. It would be horrible to love it and it be ruined. No chances taken. I am planning a small list of projects though, ones that are quick and going to make our house look very home-y right away, I hope. More on that tomorrow.

In September, I will:

+ make an eye appointment. I’ve been having massive headaches, and I think it is from my eyes changing.
+ pack.
+ sell stuff. I have so much crap. It’s really unbelievable how much stuff can accumulate in one space. I want to scream sometimes, “Where did it alllllll come from?”
+ move. This is going to be the month we are moving. Hopefully. Honestly, we are playing by ear because we are just working on the things that need to be done when we can. Mostly weekends. We don’t have an official move-in date, and apparently everyone else thinks we should. I’ve been asked about 30 times. When it’s ready, we’ll be ready.