There are tons of blogs online. Tons. And unless you’ve been living under the darkest rock the past 10 years, you know that. There are blogs for anything and everything you could ever imagine. Go ahead and google something crazy. I bet there is a blog out there somewhere, written by someone who loves just that. Blogging takes time, and even though it is fun, it can be a chore sometimes. Like when I am tired and bitchy, or when I just can’t make myself upload and edit photos to go along with a post. When the blogging becomes something that isn’t fun at all anymore, that’s when I will stop.


I blog for the:

  • OUTLET – I am not good at talking about my emotions (unless I am pissed off and drunk, then I have no problem). It tends to drive Greg crazy. For years, I have been one who journals. Good times, bad times, times when I was so deeply upset or happy about whatever, I used to fill up a new Moleskine in just a month. A month, can you believe that?! I don’t have that big of a dependence on journaling lately, but it is still an important part of my life, definitely. This blog is another way for me to express myself. I can come here and write about those things too. I get feedback. I reach people who may be going through the same things, good or bad. It gets those emotions out. And that’s why I started my first blog so long ago. I felt raw and was so confused about life and being paralyzed. I was insecure and shy. I wrote things like this during that time. Writing helped me through it in a way that I didn’t recognize at that time. I tend to try to keep things upbeat here now and not blog when I am upset or angry. Nobody really wants to hear bitching and complaining, and I learned that by excitedly unsubscribing to blogs that were negative. Those blogs brought me down. I’ll save that negative stuff for my journal. This should be a positive place, a tender place. If you catch me being anything different, call me out.
  • OUTREACH – Blogging connects me to people all over the country, all over the world. I have found people with the same interests, the same things going on in their lives as mine. I have swooned over their photos, awwwwwed over their kids, and been jealous of their creativity. I have made friends with people that I never would have known existed. Community is a good feeling. The blogging community can be refreshing and, sometimes, frustrating (when I found my photos being passed off as someone else’s work.) But mostly, it is comforting. I appreiciate that part. Two of my favorite blog friends are Elizabeth and Charissa. It’s good to find genuine people who have a zest about them.

5 Responses to “why i blog.”

  1. elizabeth

    i’m so glad you wrote this. (and that we found each other this way!) i have been struggling lately with the purpose of my blog. i’ve had one in some form or other since 2003, so i can’t just quit but i’ve been so overwhelmed by life this year that i’m finding it hard to focus, post and resize the photos, write the way i want to. but this reminds me that there are soooo many reasons why blogging is so great, such a good outlet and connection tool. i wonder if there’s some way i can figure out how to like organize myself and my posts.

    i also wonder, sometimes, why MY voice is necessary in the sea of other blogs out there… but i suppose i don’t need to be a Big Time blogger; if even a handful of people read what i’m writing and connect with it, that’s the whole point, right? 🙂

    • carrielsunday

      I go through spurts where I am just worn out from blogging. And other times, when I have scheduled breaks (like this month for The August Break), I seem to write more and blog better than I normally do. I need to take the pressure off to make it flow. Also, to keep me organized, I keep a little calendar with me to “schedule” posts and then blog randomly about what is current in my life. I cross off the calendar box one way to tell me the blog text is written and the other way to tell me that the picture has been uploaded and added to the post. Typing it out makes no sense, but I will have to send you a picture of what I mean. It has helped me a lot with keeping posts straight and consistent.

      • elizabeth

        Spurts is such an accurate description. I like the idea of your calendar… And I may use it as an excuse to buy a planner after all 🙂

      • carrielsunday

        I bought like purse-sized $3 planner when all the school supplies were on sale and it works great.

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  2. muffinmummy

    I haven’t been doing this very long but I am *constantly* stunned by how other people with parenting blogs manage to keep up the momentum! I have a four year old, a one year old and work part time so it feels like my “work” never ends. Sometimes I just don’t want to write – I want to grab a glass of wine and watch a compelling episode of Breaking Bad – that’s what I want to do with my little bit of “me” time. Apparently that is not how to build a great blog following though. Maybe in a few years time! In the meantime its good to know that I’m not the only one who struggles a bit with this and with the idea of having “an audience” at all – because we clearly all love to write and share our thoughts and the community aspect, as you say, is a really nice benefit!


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