The house is starting to look awesome, even though it isn’t completely done yet.  We have color on the some of walls. We have flooring planned for the basement (think red walls and dark floors). We have appliances mostly planned. We have a pretty-much-completed master bath!  It’s coming together so nicely, and I can hardly wait to move, to make this our home, to have a new address.

The address part is exciting for me. I have only ever had one address my entire life, if you don’t count the four months I had to use Craig Hospital’s address as my own in the summer of 2003. So moving to a new house, a new town is a big deal. I am nervous but so, so excited for this huge change. Sometimes to get where we want to be, we have to do things we have never done before. So true.

I designed these announcements soon after we signed for the house, though I had it drawn in my head since about the time we started looking for places. I always connect events with what paper or stationery products are going to correspond with it. I’m weird like that. It was a chance to put the address out to everyone at once too, making our life easier by not repeating it a thousand times.IMG_7560Since I have used Overnight Prints to print quite often lately, I decided to use them again for these. These are one-sided postcards, so they were a bit cheaper than the invitations and business pieces I had previously designed. And I used a Sharpie pen to address the plain white back. Super easy. Simple, just like I like it. I won’t be sending them for a few weeks, so that we are closer to moving day or already moved in. Whenever. We aren’t on a strict schedule or have a goal date. Just whenever everything is ready for us.

Fonts used: Bistro Script for the home, Ostrich for the statement, Georgia for the address (sorry, it’s blurred)

6 Responses to “house updates & moving announcements.”

  1. Meg

    Oooh, love the postcards! I’m obsessed with all things mail-related and was thinking of sending “new address” cards for myself, but I’m moving because I’m getting married . . . and already have new address labels, etc., to put on mail along with my new name. So it’s probably overkill. Still, I can hardly resist the allure of another mail-sending occasion! 🙂

    • carrielsunday

      There can never be too much mail. 🙂 I say go for it! I imagine mine going up on refrigators everywhere so that people don’t forget 🙂

  2. elizabeth

    LOVE. all of this resonates so much with me. i totally connect events with paper, and sent out “i moved” cards each time i’ve moved in the past few years, even if no one else i know still does this. i can’t WAIT to pick out new ones. (but for the first time, i have not picked them out yet… still afraid of jinxing things over here.) i love the graphic you designed so, so much.

    and in a related note, when we moved 2 years ago and i sent out announcements, a friend was like “just wait until you see how much damn mail you’ll have to send out in the next few years – save the dates, thank yous for your shower, wedding invites, thank yous, baby announcements… it will NOT be so fun after another round or two” and all i could think was “dude are you crazy? that sounds AWESOME”. i feel like you’re with me on that 🙂

    • carrielsunday

      I am absolutely with you on that! I love mail – both getting it and sending it – because there is something very personal about knowing someone took the time to sit and actually write my name down. In these days with so much technology taking over, it means even more. I don’t know how people cannot love mail – besides the bill/junk mail part.


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