It’s hard to believe that he is already 12 months old. I mean, really, it seems like he was just born last week. He was so teeny tiny and seemed so fragile, and now he is a tough, curly-headed toddler. He has given us so many smiles and giggles.
IMG_7337His birthday party last weekend was fun. All red and yellow and blue. And Mickey. That kid looooooves Mickey. Morgan did such a good job of decorating, and her grandma’s friend made the cake look awesome. Cake decorating is definitely a skill that missed me when they were being handed out. I admire people who can make beautiful cakes.

And the cookie pops. How cute!IMG_7284
Opening presents. He got so much stuff. So many toys! Some kids get a lot of clothes for birthdays, but not this kid. He hit the jackpot, for sure. IMG_7374
Hot air balloons flew overhead this night too. IMG_7354
And the silly boy all sugared up, belly laughing. He is so funny, and he loves to laugh. He does stuff to make himself laugh.IMG_7408