project life update.

Hi guys. Another Project Life post coming your way. I have been behind slightly with this, which is completely my own fault. I jumped the gun and packed all of my Project Life and scrapbook supplies into a box, and since it will be a few more weeks until we are actually ready to move, I am forced to make a chore of getting it out. Silly me.

I am finding myself journaling a bit more lately. Before my layouts were very photo-heavy, but I am incorporating more text (see the goals insert) now. I don’t really have a reason other than I crave writing. I am sure I will switch back and forth, but for now, either way works for me.

I slipped one of our moving announcements into the pocket last week. I haven’t gotten to send them yet, obviously, but it is getting closer. I’ve got another post planned with a focus on them. Be looking for that next week.


This large photo of the sunset (that I slightly chopped off) was taken on the way home from the new house one night after we were wore out and done working. It truly made me happy to know we are moving to the country. It’s so big and open and beautiful. I cried on that drive home because my dad would have loved it too.




And I am still in love with wood veneers. I don’t think there will ever be a time that I don’t love them.IMG_7420

3 Replies to “project life update.”

  1. Wood veneers give me all kinds of happiness too 🙂

    Also, your entire paragraph on journaling more pretty much sums me up these days – I used to write all the time but stopped a few years ago for reasons that elude me now. However, my (very far behind) Project Life tend to include more and more writing as I catch up and I feel like I need to get back into writing again.

    I stumbled upon your blog this morning (via studiocalico’s message boards) and while I haven’t read everything, what I have read makes me smile. I love your style and your photography. Congratulations on your wedding 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. I am gld to know that others struggle – and then don’t – with the journaling. I seem to go in phases with it.

      I am looking forward to getting more involved with Studio Calico conversation. I have found quite a few ideas there already.

  2. yay project life! it’s funny that you say that you packed it all up and then unpacked it to work on it. our 2nd bedroom (my craft room) is one of the rooms that feels the easiest to pack up now, rather than leaving until the last minute, so i’ve been pondering packing up all of my PL stuff, too. now i’m not sure!

    and that sunset photo is awesome. as well as what you said about journaling. i have had a lot of Big Things this summer, and therefore a lot more to say (or maybe, more I feel more strongly about making sure to record), and it has been nice, since like you i totally go through phases with it!

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