Pushing The August Break aside for a day, I am here. Present and typing. Of course, I have to keep a list to keep me on track for another year, and if I don’t write about it now while I am thinking about it, I never will. I have been trying to stay away from lists – long-term lists anyway – because eventually I give up on them, or forget about them altogether. But I’ll give it another go this year.

I somtimes tend to stay more focused and motivated when I have the words of what I know I want right in front of me. In small batches of course. And the incentive of knowing they are all do-able gets me excited for this year.

Let’s GO!

+ try 10 new recipes (1. grilled ham & cheese )
+ get pregnant (gasp)
+ go to a Chiefs game
+ be more creative with Project Life
+ host 2 dinners (starting small, people!)
+ use my Instax film
+ sell my land
+ explore a small town (Eudora?)
+ use a Silhouette Cameo
+ brand myself/company
+ try 5 new restaurants
+ use more graphic text on the blog
+ reach 150+ readers
+ read 10+ books
+ get a dog
+ sell 50+ stamps
+ try an exotic/rare food
+ get my Dad tattoo
+ make 5 different mini albums
+ get more sleep
+ paint stripes on a ceiling or wall
+ design/frame a poster
+ catch up on The Walking Dead
+ go after my “design dream”
+ invest. save. plan.
+ write in my journal more often
+ try BorrowLenses.com
+ sell prints

2 Responses to “29 before 29.”

  1. elizabeth

    YAYYYYYY. I am SO excited for all of the things on this list, and am so, so glad you decided to do it! (and I also totally love that we’ll be list buddies on so many of these things this year!). i can’t wait to follow along!!!

    • carrielsunday

      When I read your list, I was thinking about how similar mine was. I usually jump the gun and pound out a birthday list a month before my birthday, so that I don’t have to waste any days getting started, I should probably add OCD Planner to my list of self-descriptions. 🙂


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