In the true fashion for a holiday weekend, I am hosting a small almost-end-of-summer giveaway here on the blog. I will be sending one stamp each to TWO lucky winners. Winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday evening (September 4) and announced soon after. I will have your stamps out the door by Friday!


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why i blog.

There are tons of blogs online. Tons. And unless you’ve been living under the darkest rock the past 10 years, you know that. There are blogs for anything and everything you could ever imagine. Go ahead and google something crazy. I bet there is a blog out there somewhere, written by someone who loves just that. Blogging takes time, and even though it is fun, it can be a chore sometimes. Like when I am tired and bitchy, or when I just can’t make myself upload and edit photos to go along with a post. When the blogging becomes something that isn’t fun at all anymore, that’s when I will stop.


I blog for the:

  • OUTLET – I am not good at talking about my emotions (unless I am pissed off and drunk, then I have no problem). It tends to drive Greg crazy. For years, I have been one who journals. Good times, bad times, times when I was so deeply upset or happy about whatever, I used to fill up a new Moleskine in just a month. A month, can you believe that?! I don’t have that big of a dependence on journaling lately, but it is still an important part of my life, definitely. This blog is another way for me to express myself. I can come here and write about those things too. I get feedback. I reach people who may be going through the same things, good or bad. It gets those emotions out. And that’s why I started my first blog so long ago. I felt raw and was so confused about life and being paralyzed. I was insecure and shy. I wrote things like this during that time. Writing helped me through it in a way that I didn’t recognize at that time. I tend to try to keep things upbeat here now and not blog when I am upset or angry. Nobody really wants to hear bitching and complaining, and I learned that by excitedly unsubscribing to blogs that were negative. Those blogs brought me down. I’ll save that negative stuff for my journal. This should be a positive place, a tender place. If you catch me being anything different, call me out.
  • OUTREACH – Blogging connects me to people all over the country, all over the world. I have found people with the same interests, the same things going on in their lives as mine. I have swooned over their photos, awwwwwed over their kids, and been jealous of their creativity. I have made friends with people that I never would have known existed. Community is a good feeling. The blogging community can be refreshing and, sometimes, frustrating (when I found my photos being passed off as someone else’s work.) But mostly, it is comforting. I appreiciate that part. Two of my favorite blog friends are Elizabeth and Charissa. It’s good to find genuine people who have a zest about them.

house updates & moving announcements.

The house is starting to look awesome, even though it isn’t completely done yet.  We have color on the some of walls. We have flooring planned for the basement (think red walls and dark floors). We have appliances mostly planned. We have a pretty-much-completed master bath!  It’s coming together so nicely, and I can hardly wait to move, to make this our home, to have a new address.

The address part is exciting for me. I have only ever had one address my entire life, if you don’t count the four months I had to use Craig Hospital’s address as my own in the summer of 2003. So moving to a new house, a new town is a big deal. I am nervous but so, so excited for this huge change. Sometimes to get where we want to be, we have to do things we have never done before. So true.

I designed these announcements soon after we signed for the house, though I had it drawn in my head since about the time we started looking for places. I always connect events with what paper or stationery products are going to correspond with it. I’m weird like that. It was a chance to put the address out to everyone at once too, making our life easier by not repeating it a thousand times.IMG_7560Since I have used Overnight Prints to print quite often lately, I decided to use them again for these. These are one-sided postcards, so they were a bit cheaper than the invitations and business pieces I had previously designed. And I used a Sharpie pen to address the plain white back. Super easy. Simple, just like I like it. I won’t be sending them for a few weeks, so that we are closer to moving day or already moved in. Whenever. We aren’t on a strict schedule or have a goal date. Just whenever everything is ready for us.

Fonts used: Bistro Script for the home, Ostrich for the statement, Georgia for the address (sorry, it’s blurred)

kaden turns one.

It’s hard to believe that he is already 12 months old. I mean, really, it seems like he was just born last week. He was so teeny tiny and seemed so fragile, and now he is a tough, curly-headed toddler. He has given us so many smiles and giggles.
IMG_7337His birthday party last weekend was fun. All red and yellow and blue. And Mickey. That kid looooooves Mickey. Morgan did such a good job of decorating, and her grandma’s friend made the cake look awesome. Cake decorating is definitely a skill that missed me when they were being handed out. I admire people who can make beautiful cakes.

And the cookie pops. How cute!IMG_7284
Opening presents. He got so much stuff. So many toys! Some kids get a lot of clothes for birthdays, but not this kid. He hit the jackpot, for sure. IMG_7374
Hot air balloons flew overhead this night too. IMG_7354
And the silly boy all sugared up, belly laughing. He is so funny, and he loves to laugh. He does stuff to make himself laugh.IMG_7408

g&c: august

IMG_7499+ G is working his butt off still on the house. It’s getting there.
The bathroom looks great. And the rest is almost ready for paint.
+ C is planning her office setup. 2 Expedits and long ledge shelves. Oh, yes.
+ G put deer corn out. And saw two big bucks at it already.
+ C is kicking herself for getting rid of her super long lens now.
Deer photos would be great. Oh well.
+ G is encouraging C every day to do the business thing.
It might be sinking in.
+ C has been helping Ashley with Tink’s soccer team. Fun.
+ G has been picking up some gems at Redbox. Recently Killing Season.
+ C falls asleep usually within the first 30 minutes of every. single. movie.