In the true fashion for a holiday weekend, I am hosting a small almost-end-of-summer giveaway here on the blog. I will be sending one stamp each to TWO lucky winners. Winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday evening (September 4) and announced soon after. I will have your stamps out the door by Friday!


  • Leave a comment on this post with your favorite memory of this summer. (Please include your email!)
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g&c: august

IMG_7499+ G is working his butt off still on the house. It’s getting there.
The bathroom looks great. And the rest is almost ready for paint.
+ C is planning her office setup. 2 Expedits and long ledge shelves. Oh, yes.
+ G put deer corn out. And saw two big bucks at it already.
+ C is kicking herself for getting rid of her super long lens now.
Deer photos would be great. Oh well.
+ G is encouraging C every day to do the business thing.
It might be sinking in.
+ C has been helping Ashley with Tink’s soccer team. Fun.
+ G has been picking up some gems at Redbox. Recently Killing Season.
+ C falls asleep usually within the first 30 minutes of every. single. movie.

sweet honey

lap it up

thick like love on a humid day
smooth down to the skin
of summer.

there is no right
or wrong way, here
it’s always right enough
for me


project life update.

Hi guys. Another Project Life post coming your way. I have been behind slightly with this, which is completely my own fault. I jumped the gun and packed all of my Project Life and scrapbook supplies into a box, and since it will be a few more weeks until we are actually ready to move, I am forced to make a chore of getting it out. Silly me.

I am finding myself journaling a bit more lately. Before my layouts were very photo-heavy, but I am incorporating more text (see the goals insert) now. I don’t really have a reason other than I crave writing. I am sure I will switch back and forth, but for now, either way works for me.

I slipped one of our moving announcements into the pocket last week. I haven’t gotten to send them yet, obviously, but it is getting closer. I’ve got another post planned with a focus on them. Be looking for that next week.


This large photo of the sunset (that I slightly chopped off) was taken on the way home from the new house one night after we were wore out and done working. It truly made me happy to know we are moving to the country. It’s so big and open and beautiful. I cried on that drive home because my dad would have loved it too.




And I am still in love with wood veneers. I don’t think there will ever be a time that I don’t love them.IMG_7420

currently: august.

IMG_5878a+ loving my new little iHome that my honey bought for my work office.
+ reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Slowly.
+ hating the smoke stains (and dirtiness) that the previous home owners left for us.
+ needing a Carrie day. Journal, pen, camera, quiet.
+ planning a new blog look.
+ listening to Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. Over and over.
+ seeing so many red birds. I was never really superstious, but those birds are something.
+ wearing eyeliner. It’s as much trying as I have been doing.
+ focusing on building a steady and fun client base.
+ daydreaming of DIY projects for the house. Crates, planters, etc.
+ missing an actual summer.
+ wishing there were more hours in the day.
+ enjoying the sunshine. It has been pretty rainy lately so any sunshine is welcomed.
+ feeling emotional. Anything reminding me of my dad can make me cry (when I’m by myself, of course).
+ eating toast and crunchy peanut butter. So good.
+ smelling onions. We had a taco bar fundraiser at work, and I was the one who brought onions. It’s in my skin or something.
+ looking for new yogurt flavors. Easy-to-go breakfast for early mornings.

oh, august.

I have been waiting for you. I know you bring warmth and sunshine and for some reason, every year, it feels like a new year starts with you. Every year, you are my favorite.

But this year, you are bringing the hope that things are starting to look up. Things can be okay. I am still sorting through these piles of emotions that came along with Dad’s cancer diagnosis, but with you, August, I can see light. He is my light, and that is all I needed to know to be strong. Today is two months that I have been without him, and I am still not used to it. I miss him. I will never be used to that feeling.

This month, I will:
+ paint a huge canvas
+ have a photo shoot (or 3)
+ send moving announcements
+ turn 28 (holy crap)
+ finalize the current logo design/marketing plan I’m working on

So August, let’s stay together and slow down a bit, eh?