I spent my Wednesday evening with these two little ladies, Dayanara and Katelaya. Dayanara was shy at first, but you could see that there was a tiny little model just itching to get out. Katelaya was cranky, but I still managed to get a few smiles in between.
Anais, their mama, and I went to high school together, and she is one of the sweetest people I have ever known. Genuinely and truly sweet. She spent her prom night with me the weekend after I was paralyzed, and I have never been able to thank her enough for being my friend. I remember distinctly that we watched Sweet Home Alabama and ate ice cream. I still love her for that.


Besides being able to hang out with Anais and the kiddos, I learned a lot from these two. First, I am not good at posing kids. Kids that I don’t know well anyway. It’s hard to get them comfortable and move the way I want them to move. My nieces and nephews sort of know from the constant snaps of my camera what I want, but other kids have to get used to me. They have to check me out, check out my wheelchair, get used to me. And I know that is part of my process. I am taking candy next time though, juuust in case.
A few of Anais’ friends from work have called me already, wanting to set up mini sessions before summer is out, and it has given me a little kick in the right direction. I needed something good, and there is it. It is a confidence-builder if nothing else. I can do this.

Be on the lookout for more mini session posts in the future!

Can’t wait to see them more and get more pictures of their pretty little faces.