I have gotten lost in life a little bit lately. Too busy. Too focused. Too distracted with being strong. Too much stuff going on everywhere. Not all bad, but just non-stop. (And I wouldn’t change it for the world. The things that are keeping me busy are good things.)

But I need to express myself in a short, condensed way, but still feel like I am saying something that people can understand about me, something worthwhile. Whether anyone else sees it as worthwhile is another story. I want my readers to know me without having to give too much away or completely overflow this blog with emotions (which I feel I have done lately). But I need to say something.

In the she series, it’s a tiny glimpse, normally one or two sentences, so that I can bring myself center again. Slow down and make myself breathe, let myself be quiet and say “yes, you can be important to you too.” Sometimes I think we forget that we need to have that time, whether it is 5 minutes to take a self-portrait or a full day of non-stop shopping on the Plaza (okay, mostly just Paper Source), by ourselves to remind us that we have to take care of us too. Especially in times when we really need it.

The she series is for mostly for me, for my own sanity, but I hope you all enjoy it too.