IMG_6180I’ve been reading blogs for a long time. Some blogs come, some go. The blogs we like change with our tastes, our wants, and goals in life. And there are those that catch your attention so fast and hard that you can’t shake them. They seem to grow with you.

They are my constants. They are the ones that have stayed with me for years (literally) or I am so hooked on now that they will be added to the “gonna love for years” column. And they are all written by women. Great, inspiring women. A few of them I am even proud of call friends.

These are my top reads:

+ Elise Blaha Cripe – Elise is inspiring, and her voice comes across so much like I imagine her sitting and having a conversation over a cup of coffee. She is genuine.

+ Kal Barteski – If there is one word that reminds me of Kal, it is fearless. There are so many reasons why everyone should read her blog. An artist, wife, mom, and all-around awesome woman.

+ She Likes Stripes – Elizabeth and I have become internet-blog-instagram friends over the past few months, and I’m pretty sure she is one of those girls that would talk books with me, then turn on the sports channel and cheer for our favorite teams.

+ Manda Townsend – The simplicity of Manda’s blog is calming.

+ Hey Gorg Events – I tend to be in awe of the photos on this blog. My wedding might be over, but it doesn’t keep me from oohing and aahing over the weddings here.

+ Ann Marie Loves Paper – One word for this blog: gorgeous.

+ Dear Lizzy – Another crafty, do-it-all wife and mom. Somehow, I think her life as a reality show would be a hit (not in the train-wreck sense, in the can’t-get-enough-of-the-cuteness sense)

+ Jay Adores – Beautiful blog. And she designs the most gorgeous stationery/invites/everything ever.

+ The Smashbook – Charissa is spunky and not afraid to say what she thinks. This is a rather new blog for me, and I can’t help going back and catching up on who she is. I love blogs that make me want to do that.

One Response to “favorite blogs.”

  1. elizabeth

    I’m so honored and jazzed to be on this list! 🙂 And you’re right, I totally would do that haha. But I’m so super glad we’ve become internet friends… because it’s cool to hear and read what someone who’s going through some of the same Life Events as I am thinks and feels about them, but also because I totally think we’d be in person friends, too, if we didn’t live so far away! I read a lot of these too, but am excited to check out the ones I’m not familiar with yet.


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