project life update.

I am a horrible Project Life blogger, aren’t I? I go weeks without showing anything, and truthfully, my Project Life has not been very exciting lately anyway. Most of our days are spent waiting now. Waiting to hear from the bank. Waiting to hear from the realtor. Waiting for the weekends. Just lots of waiting. Not the kind of thing that motivates me to take photos and keep note of the days.

But hopefully with the closing of our home, things will pick up. We will have lots of work to do and hopefully very little waiting.








I recently subscribed to Studio Calico’s Project Life monthly kit, something I said I would never do (I swore off subscribing to any kit for that matter), but I have to say I love it. The small embellishmnts are things I would never normally go for, but I am surprising myself at how easily I am using them. And the quality of the cards is great. All around a win for me. I have seen complaints on SC community boards about lack of embellishments in the kits, etc, but really, I think that a switch-up between months of heavy embellishments and gorgeous cards is a good thing. I don’t want to be swimming in sequins and glitter and die cuts every month. Wood veneers are a different story.


I am still trying to keep things simple and straight to my style. Heavy pictures and only necessary journaling. As easy as possible. Maybe when we move I will have more time and focus on this Project, but for now, this is doing the job.


3 Replies to “project life update.”

  1. looks so great! i love how you incorporated the wedding photos (and the husband & wife stamps!!). i love your style, simple but not too plain, if that makes sense. i’m interested to hear you say that about the SC kits, because i’ve decided that i’m not allowed to subscribe because i now have two core kits on top of all of my other supplies, so it seems silly… and i was afraid it would be so overloaded with embellishments i don’t know how to use. but maybe i’ll consider it for some point in the future. 🙂

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