summer stamps.

Finally! it’s is officially summer, and I have new stamps!
These are the winners. 6 new designs. They can all be found in my Etsy shop now. I won’t be shipping for probably 4-5 days, just so that I can get a handle on the inventory I have and what the demand is for each and all that, but they will for sure be out the door in no more than 5 days.

I have a new Etsy to go along with this new blog, but my Paypal will still be for now. Until I can get through the official name-changing process.

{arrow}: I needed one of these. Needed. And there it is.


HUSBAND/WIFE: I originally designed these for my own Project Life album for Greg and I, but it’s wedding season so what the heck. A little different than the his/hers and graphic boy/girl stamps I’ve seen lately (which I adore also). You can buy them seperately or as a pair.




{love} summertime: Yes, of course, I do!


{love} sunshine: I am sort of addicted to sunshine (only after slathering on the sunscreen, of course). I have a feeling that I will be using this a lot when I am full force with my camera.


iloveyou: This can work on just about anything. It’s all one word because it’s all one thought.


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