our wedding: part 2

I loved our wedding party. Small, two a piece. Our best friend and then, sibling. Easy peasy. These 4 people know us almost as well as anyone else, and it was only right that we chose them to stand up (or sit down, actually) with us.

untitled (83 of 258)
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Everything about our outfits looked just like I wanted. The girls’ dresses didn’t look silly with the Chucks, and the guys’ yellow ties were the same shiny yellow as the tulips in our bouquets. We all coordinated, and there wasn’t too much yellow or too much gray. It looked pretty elegant given that there was lace accenting everything.

untitled (137 of 258)

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I loved it all.

People often want it to be sunny on their big day, but I knew that sun meant shadows for pictures. I didn’t want that so the overcast through the entire afternoon couldn’t have been any more perfectly timed. The weather gods were looking out for us that day.

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I don’t know how long we spent taking pictures before the ceremony, but it felt like it took forever and no time at all, all at the same time.

All photos by Chris Gharst. An amazingly talented local photographer and friend.

2 Replies to “our wedding: part 2”

  1. we did yellow and black, but i also love the yellow and gray. i tried so hard to convince dan to do gray suits, but he really felt that black felt more what he’d always pictured. but i adore the gray with the yellow ties -and vests, not jackets. needless to say, the chucks are also PERFECT. exactly what you said – elegant and simply classic. awesome! đŸ™‚ (this is making me feel like i should blog more about our wedding, actually. i am not sure why i never did)

    1. I knew Greg and his groomsmen would hate me if I put them in full suits. haha. It definitely would have been too dressy for our style and family. Now, for the chilly weather, suit jackets definitely would have been a good idea!

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