IMG_4895My mom and I took that trip to Stockton this Friday, a quick trip just to see my older brother Donnie. Only 3 hours away, with lots of flat open nothing to just talk and laugh. My mom and I have always been pretty close, besides maybe a few fights we had when I was a stubborn teenager. We can talk about anything, and I think we needed a weekend away together since Dad’s passing. Greg has been helping me deal with it, but now is my turn to help her. I don’t want her to feel alone.

Donnie is doing well. He likes his job, and he plans on staying in Hays later on down the road. I know, he knows, everyone knows that staying away from here is the best thing for him. There are too many things that can drag him down and take him right back to where he doesn’t want to be, where we do not want him to be. We have all seen it too many times. We know what can happen, and I worry sometimes that it will again.

Maybe we will take more trips west this summer, but this one, it was a good one.

One Response to “seeing don.”

  1. pmdello

    Hi Carrie;

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop. I like the look of your new site, and, of course, the poetry and photography. You are loaded with talent.

    I am sorry to hear about your Dad. It’s been 40+ years since my Father died. I still regret that he and I did not get to know each other as adults. It sounds as if your Dad’s strength and leadership will continue to guide you.

    Be well.



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