things i miss.

IMG_5934aI am sure most of us have a list of things that, if we could, we would change or do differently the second time around, or appreciate a little bit more. They say hindsight is 20/20, right? I have been trying to be better at soaking in the good moments and taking every single chance to make every minute a good one.

I don’t let my injury/paralysis stop me from doing what I want most of the time. I’ve been swimming. I rode a rollercoaster (probably never do that again, but hey I can say I tried). I ride in the Arctic Cat. We’re talking maybe about skiing next year (I’m not so sure snow will ever, ever, ever be my thing). But the thing I miss most about moving my legs is running. So simple, I know, but man, it was my way of relaxing. I miss that jelly-filled muscle ache of finishing a good long run. Of all things, I miss that most.

Things I miss:

+ running (duh)
+ the simple freedom of high school. It was so easy.
+ a valid reason to buy office supplies (now I just justify it as art?)
+ summers that didn’t seem to want us to overheat
+ not having bills (this adult thing is lame sometimes)
+ Rusty – best dog ever
+ my invincible attitude. I feel so high-strung sometimes now.
+ college. It’s where I really grew up.
+ riding bikes.
+ that silly feeling that comes in your chest when swinging too high at a playground.

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